About us

2023 Water Reactor Fuel Performance Meeting
Meeting time July 17- July 21, 2023
Meeting Venue Shaanxi Guesthouse (also known as Shaanxi Zhangbagou Guesthouse)
No.1 Zhangba North Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
Organizer Chinese Nuclear Society(CNS)
Co-sponsored by Atomic Energy Society of Japan(AESJ), Korean Nuclear Society(KNS), American Nuclear Society(ANS), European Nuclear Society(ENS), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Sponsor China Nuclear Energy Industry Corp.
Email: wrfpm2023@163.com
Background of the 2023 Water Reactor Fuel Performance Meeting

The water reactor Fuel Performance Meeting covers all issues in the field of fuel performance research, including fuel component design and manufacturing, fuel performance and operation experience, fuel cycle, fuel storage and transportation, fuel safety, etc. This conference is the highest level conference in the field of nuclear fuel research held in Asia. It is combined with the Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance Conference (LWRFPM) held in the United States and the TOPFUEL Conference held in Europe to form the most influential conference in the field of nuclear fuel research in the world. The conference is held every three years in Asia, including 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, and 2008 in Seoul, South Korea, with about 300 attendees each time.

Major topics of discussion and communication at WRFPM

1. Advances in water reactor fuel technology and testing

2. Operation and experience

3. Transient and off-normal fuel behavior and safety related issues

4. Fuel cycle, used fuel storage and transportation

5. Innovative fuel and related issues

6. Fuel modelling,analysis and methodology

Call for papers

All unpublished papers in the field of nuclear engineering can be contributed. The working language of WRFPM is English, and the authors are requested to write an abstract in English. The content of the abstract should be no less than 450 English words, but no more than one page of A4 paper (please see the attachment for the detailed format). The process of asking for papers, submitting abstracts and full texts, reviewing papers, accepting papers, and filling out copyright forms will be conducted online. The author is responsible for his or her own review of any confidential issues related to the paper.